• ADministrivia

    From Richard Webb@1:116/901 to all on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 15:40:34
    Greetings folks,

    I was recently asked by Sean Dennis to assume duties of maintaining
    this echo with the echolist and other customary moderator
    duties. With such an echo, I consider this to be more of a caretaker
    function, as most folks who would be participating in such a
    conference are aware of the usual conventions.

    Back in the day this was quite a popular place with many good folks
    asking questions, and providing help to binkleyterm users.
    Yes, we answered a lot of basic queries that were covered in
    the docs, but at times some of the more arcane uses and
    features were discussed as well. I've wished more than once that
    I had those old archives, as there were discussions of such topics
    as how to capture caller id data to one's log; unusual uses for
    function requests, etc.

    Anybody with archives of this area from those more active days
    could sure provide a great service to today's binkleyterm user.
    IF you have such archives please let me know. At one time
    I had quite the archive from 1992-97. However, Katrina did
    her number on that one. I'm sure Bob Juge the perennial
    binkleyterm help node had quite the extensive collection as
    well. But, as we all know, Bob is no longer with us. So,
    if you have such archives of this echo please advise me, and
    the rest of us. WE can then see what can be done about making
    that information available in some form.

    other administrivia:

    I don't think you'll see any great changes in administration of
    this echomail conference. I'm not going to go out of my way to
    kill conversation, so long as it's civil and adult, as well as
    relevant to using binkleyterm. Intelligent adults shouldn't have
    to be shown where the line will be drawn, but crossing said line
    egregiously will definitely get moderator attention.

    OTherwise, I intend to post rules and info quarterly, as
    it seems to me that's just as effective as monthly, but still
    gives backbone admin folks indication that the echo is still
    cared about. Otherwise, I don't see a real need to post
    rules here more often. After all, most users of
    binkleyterm are sysops or point ops. The occasional newcomer
    who may have stumbled across binkleyterm and wishes to use
    it for a dumb terminal in another application should be able
    to find these rules on his host bbs or nntp server. More
    frequent rules posting is deemed counterproductive by this
    moderator. This rules file will be available in the echolist
    archive, and many areafix type programs enable you to send rules to
    downlinks when links are established. You can always request them
    sent via routed netmail from me or any appointed co-mods however.

    Thank you for carrying, and participating in the binkley echomail

    Richard Webb, moderator

    * Origin: (1:116/901)