• Echo Rule Posting.

    From Marc Lewis@1:396/45 to All on Sunday, November 17, 2013 15:49:57

    The Fidonet BINKLEY (BinkleyTerm Support) Echo Rules
    Updated 17 November, 2013

    Moderators: Richard Webb, 1:116/901
    Marc Lewis, 1:396/45

    This echo is for the discussion and support of the BinkleyTerm
    front-end mailer. The discussion of anything that is tied to
    BinkleyTerm, POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) and dialup BBSing is

    General guidelines and policies are in place to help facilitate the
    smooth flow of conversation in here. By your participation in this
    echo, you agree to abide by the following:

    Please do not overquote. Please remember that even in this day and
    age of Fidonet over the internet people still pay for their bandwidth
    and the extra data isn't appreciated. Along with this, multiple line signatures are also unwelcome.

    No flaming (this includes operating system flames) and no profanity
    is allowed. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, don't say it in

    No ads of any kind (except for a new version of BinkleyTerm, but I
    doubt that's gonna happen).

    Except for P4, no local/regional echomail policies (such as EP1) are
    recognized in this echo. this is an international echomail
    conference, and hopefully carried in all Fidonet zones therefore it
    is an unreasonable expectation that local regional or zone-wide
    echomail policies could be complied with. The moderator will endeavor
    to use good sense and global Fidonet policy as his guiding principles

    English is the primary language of this echo, however, I do realize
    that there are non-native English speakers in here. You may speak in
    your native tongue as long as there is an English translation (to the
    best of your ability) available in the same message. Conversely, it
    is unreasonable for native English speakers to expect folks who don't
    primarily use the language to use proper syntax, etc. Reasonable
    adults shouldn't have to be shown where the line is here.

    Let the moderator and any appointed co-moderators do the moderating.
    All discussion of echo moderation issues will be handled via netmail.
    After all, this is a Fidonet echo.

    All postings in this echo *must show a valid Fidonet address where
    such addresses would customarily appear. Those wishing to respond to
    a poster via netmail should be able to do so easily. Moderators
    will contact the operator of a system not showing a valid Fidonet
    address in the echo via netmail and request that the situation be
    rectified before allowing posts from their system in this echo.
    Again, all communication regarding Binkley echo moderation will be by

    These rules will be posted in the conference every 90 days.

    Please do not gate this echo outside of Fidonet by any means without
    written permission of the moderator, and echo participants. IF
    permission for a gateway is granted the provider of such a gateway is considered responsible for all traffic entering the echo via that
    gateway. Unwanted traffic via a gateway will immediately generate a
    feed cut request. IF you are asked to discontinue provision of such a
    gate failure to comply within a reasonable period of time will result
    in a request to cut your feed.

    Thank you for your participation in BINKLEY!

    Richard Webb
    BINKLEY Moderator

    Marc Lewis

    --- timEd/2 1.10.y2k+
    * Origin: Sursum Corda! BBS-Huntsville,AL-bbs.sursum-corda.com (1:396/45)