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    From Kees Bergwerf@2:280/1507 to Michael Riedmaier on Tuesday, December 11, 2001 15:02:38
    Hello Michael!

    Sunday June 03 2001 12:44, Michael Riedmaier wrote to Kees Bergwerf:

    Why do I receive this today, a half year later? :-)))

    If you get any information, how to get the character set for continous lines, please let me know.

    I have managed it with xterm and a vga font. I don't know anymore if that font was included with linux.
    This is how I start binkleyterm (in a script):

    xterm -font vga -title Analoog -e btxe c=<path to config> task=2 &
    xterm -font vga -title ISDN -e btxe c=<path to config> task=1 &

    works great


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