• Binkley - no modem & BinkD

    From Paul Lentz@1:124/5025 to Bob Jones on Monday, January 14, 2002 13:49:20
    Bob Jones wrote in a message to Paul Lentz:

    The only problem I have with sharing things
    that way is that I sometimes send out uncompressed
    packets as I toss mail on my system in stages with
    steps in between and it goes out before the "SQUASH
    PACK" step gets done.

    I don't see this "problem" because I run squish in single pass mode.
    Why are you needing to run in multi-pass mode? [Just curious....]
    Yes, BinkD can start up fairly quickly.

    I run binkd as a full server, so it doesn't even need to start. It grabs the .out file and fires up a session before I can blink.

    On a typical mail processing session I run...

    an areafix check
    a raid check
    then a SQUISH OUT for anything I night have processed in those two then a normal SQUISH IN OUT to process the mail packets I received (I used to
    run GMD between the in and the out... got to where I hated it) then I run a
    Bad Mail checker that strips ECHOMAIL messages out of my netmail
    area (I've found that of all the things that some misconfigured link can
    throw at you, this is the most devasting and can cause terrible-terrible
    loops and it only take a few seconds to check)
    another areafix check
    another raid check
    then I finally do a full SQUISH SQUASH PACK to send everything out.

    I think that's how I do it (????) :-)

    As a suggestion, change your mode for the nodes in question from
    crash to direct or hold, and then in your last squish operation use
    the change command in squish's route.cfg to change the packets back
    to crash. This might solve your "problem"....

    I actually thought about that... but really the 5 or 10 raw packets I send to my upstream link are usually small with a few messages each, so it didn't seem that important to deal with. Maybe...

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