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    From Howard Scaggs@1:154/288 to James A Hall on Saturday, January 19, 2002 05:43:00
    Okay, I'm running Binkley 2.59, Squish, Timed, with Qnode as my Nodelist processor. It won't work. I create a V6 nodelist. Qnode, Squish, and

    Hi James,
    Set it to Version7 Nodelist. That should work for you. It does for my system.


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  • From Walter Medak@1:140/51 to James A Hall on Friday, January 25, 2002 11:43:10
    Hello James.

    24 Jan 2002 16:30, you wrote to me:

    Thanks for the input. Bink refused to use the V7 nodelist. I
    forgot to use nodex as the file name after the Domain keyword.
    Want to trade BBS names? :)

    You have to tell Binkley to do a version 7 nodelist in the config
    file. Version7 is the thing to use. WOrks quite well here.

    It's working now Walter, it's working! :)

    Told ya so. :-)


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