• BSY file date error help?

    From Peter Knapper@3:772/1.10 to Mike Luther on Saturday, March 30, 2002 08:21:50
    Hi Mike,

    29 Mar 05:00:49.87 BINK Inbound Mail Packet
    : 29 Mar 05:02:31.92 BINK Ignoring #:\Outbound\00000000.BSY._
    It is 18599 minutes old
    29 Mar 05:02:31.97 BINK Inbound File Attaches

    Of note the 00000000.BSY flag file was last written:

    3-29-02 5:02a 0 0 00000000.BSY

    Yep, thats a good one alright. I saw something similar to this many years ago (without the timestamp issue) and suspected a corrupt modem connection of some sort, but it persisted for 8 calls and I eventually tracked it down to an FTS-001 call coming in and trying to establish. It was not a ZEDZAP/WAZOO/EMSI type session at all.

    In my case Bink created a 00000000.BSY file, so this suggests to me that you have some sort of unidentified caller (possibly attempting an FTS-001 type session) and this is what usually results in such situations. In my case it was
    one of my regular callers who was trying a new Mailer and had misconfigured something. Does the log show any other call details like this? What exact version Bink are you using, DOS 2.60 or something? I take it the Mail packet itself was not compressed (IE it was a raw *.PKT file)?

    I hope this helps..........pk.

    --- Maximus/2 3.01
    * Origin: Another Good Point About OS/2 (3:772/1.10)