• utility to send files from teh command line

    From Jerry Schwartz@1:142/928 to Ross Smarekar on Monday, June 24, 2002 22:34:14
    Hello, Ross...

    Jun 24, 2002 at 08:07, Ross Smarekar wrote to Jerry Schwartz:

    Here it is. My config file is huge, since it has been carried
    forward, modified, and commented since Binkley 2.40. I pulled out
    most of the comments, modem-related stuff, etc.

    i don't remember there being an "inbound" keyword. in my .cfg file in uses "netfile" as the keyword. such as

    netfile c:\fd\netfile

    i'm probalby barking up the wrong tree again.... but that was the
    ONLY differance i saw. i've been running bink sence 2.0, and still
    use the same .cfg file.

    That could be it, that's one of the changes I made when going from BT to BTXE.


    Jerry Schwartz


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