• BinkXE and linux

    From Michele Marie Dalene@1:142/7176 to All on Saturday, December 07, 2002 03:10:00
    Binkley XE XH7 works fine under linux but one thing. How do you
    display the online help? If you press Alt-F10? it changes to another
    console window! Whats the work around in the
    source code to say map the help to another key? such as Alt question
    mark? or can it be done in the binkley.cfg file?
    I don't run X. just good ole command line mode with
    Binkleyterm redirected I/O to /dev/tty10.
    Also in reguards to the modem flags option. how do I tell the
    program NOT to dial out a binkd flagged node? I have both running at
    the same time. The Only time I want to call out a binkd node is when
    binkd is on Siesta. (rare but sometimes DSL can go out).
    Last time I used Binkleyterm was 2.60 under Msdos feeding my
    Msdos opus 1.73a bbs system.
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