• v2.50

    From Howard Scaggs@1:154/288 to All on Wednesday, December 08, 2004 20:07:00
    After a hard drive crash I'm re-building my system. I'm trying to get Binkley v2.50 and EleBBS 0.09 to work again. I'm running it in a DOS window with Windows 95 compatability. If I use the BBS Batch method what happens is the local computer loads up & runs EleBBS the way it should, but the remote screen get a No Carrier. Using Spawnbbs method the local screen gets:

    ELEBBS 38400 38400 3 etc... and freezes right there.

    Spawnbbs.bat starts out: ELEBBS %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

    Bbsbatch.bat just has: SPAWNBBS 38400 26400 3 334 /Arq/V34/Lapm/V42Bis

    Any ideas on what I mmay have missed?

    * Origin: (1:154/288)