• Trying to geting Binkley BTXE260X setup.

    From Gert Koefoed Andersen@2:236/150 to All on Thursday, May 19, 2005 18:44:06
    Hello everybody.

    It has been long time I setup a modem mailer and the last one I have runing was
    Frontdoor for about 6 years ago and now will I try to setting BinkleyTerm XE up
    to running for just incoming polls and 3 times between 9 pm and 7 am in Denmark.
    And the setup is on a start to be running on windows 2000 pc in a network with out pc's, where I too have my BBs maximus 3.02 for doing filelist and other. Then is i like to getting BTXe to use my ISDN modem (LASAT II) and sometime my 56k modem to take the modem on port2.

    So is it first what of files shall I use for starting setup, as I have my Internet mailer Irex too running on te same pc and some other programs for internet running too.

    I have got the BTXE6RX packets.

    when those first things is on place it what binkley files to setup and how to set them up.

    Take care
    Gert Andersen 2:236/150

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