• $40.00 Prize For Winning Lord On Capricorns-Goat.HopTo.Org 07/11/07

    From Christopher Gosse to All on Wednesday, July 11, 2007 06:53:35
    Win $40.00 No Strings Attached For Winning The Lord Game at Capricorns Goat BBS Telnet to Capricorns-Goat.Hopto.Org
    Or Use Java at Http://Capricorns-Goat.Hopto.Org
    Game Just Started Today On July 11, 2007
    All Details Available From The Main Menu
    Good Luck To All :-)
    Email Sysop "Fauste" at Christopher.Gosse@Gmail.Com For Questions On How To Claim Your Prize or any other inquiries...