• James Toney

    From Reverend Jame to All on Tuesday, August 31, 2010 01:41:50
    Dear Fidonet, Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Alvin Frieson? We used to hang out together back in the day when Starfleet Operations Network was thriving. I was a co-sysop of the BBS. Thats what inspired me to become a sysop. Anyway Bible BBS Telnet is always open and always free. We have 4 telnet nodes at Telnet://tv67.webhop.net

    Anyway, hope to see you there. I registered Legend of the Red dragon with
    500 forest fights per day. I will probably leave it that way until I can get some IGM's to work. So stop by! Sign up is easy. You can log in and play without having to be varified!
    Bible BBS has only been up since July 23, and already people are logging in all over the world, London, Germany, Brasil, China ect. Its truely amazing!

    I am using Gameserv, and Netfossil. I could run more nodes but I still need to use my computer for other stuff like school. Wish Chip was around to check it out. I might be going to Colorado soon so maybe I can ask his folks were he is. I havent heard from him in so long that I am worried about him.

    Anyway, I am using a Renegade BBS that is not the Official release. I like it, and I have no plans to change it, except maybe to install front door and an echomail interface and mail tosser. Come to Bible BBS and play Bible Trivia!\ Sincerely, James Toney (aka JamTone) Sysop of Bible BBS