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    From Hunter Reon Barnes@1:103/17 to FidoNet.CHAT on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 10:23:32
    Ok, so your tired of the lag and want to get more out of your hardware.. ..makes sense.. hardware usually has more potential than allowed by drivers and nasty code in operating systems.. intentionally.

    First I'd like to mention DD-WRT firmware for Linksys routers... I didn't develop that.. but it's good enough work to mention.

    Now, I'll mention a few of mine, which I've already released..

    Installing WinDoze Magizia HyperTurbo OS, the magizian broadcom drivers, and the magizian hyperaccelerators would allow you to get several MB/s off a standard wifi connection that before would normaly only allow you about 100kb/s to 350kb/s (windows) or about 600kb/s (linux)
    The latest version of WMHT (Zx86/64) runs windows, unix, linux, and mac software much faster than those operating systems.

    I'll now take the time to mention something I developed in 2009, which I donated with a laptop and WMHT v5.1x to the DoD. (they really really should have been doing nice stuff for me all this time.. I didn't even get a thank you card)... and they haven't gotten gifts from me lately (gee.. wonder
    I called it magizianet.

    Magizianet had to be run on WMHT (any other OS couldn't handle the traffic).
    I took an intel pro 802.11 B/G wifi adapter, a dell truemobile 1400 wifi adapter, a broadcom ethernet card, and a dlink router..
    gave them all the same MAC address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff (broadcast can't be blocked and doesn't need authentication) {00:00:00:00:00:00 is good for
    making routers and nodes send packets to themselves}, placed them on the
    same hardware bus (I actually wound up putting all my hardware on that
    laptop on one bus, hot docking it all)..
    I gave them all the WAN Port IP (usually or and they operated as one piece of hardware.
    There were also two preprocessors and one hell of a brain.
    I would then wirelessly connect the dell card to the dlink router which is connected to the ethernet card, and wirelessly connect the intel card to an
    AP (internet access point).

    The way this works I wouldn't just be using one device on one network or
    even 4 devices on one network...
    say you have 6 open wifi AP's in your area and a bunch of computers
    connected to them... it exploits every one of those connections, not just
    the AP your connected to.
    Using this method I was able to get 28MB/s down and 8MB/s up using wifi on a crappy dell I developed WMHT version 5.1x on.

    Much of my work gets reverse engineered and my work has generally been benefiting megacorporations that haven't bothered to pay me tribute yet.
    I'm somewhat offended by this..

    I'd give you more than just a sample of Magizian Networking.. (like how I
    was speeding up all those other networks I was connecting to, etc...
    ..but I haven't released the majority of Magizian Networking technology to
    the public yet.
    ...and I might not.

    Hunter Reon Barnes
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