• Free Shell Account on the Windoze Magizia HyperTurbo OS Zx86/64v2 beta

    From Hunter Reon Barnes@1:103/17 to FidoNet.CHAT on Sunday, May 01, 2011 06:58:41
    I have the first Windoze Magizia HyperTurbo OS Zx86/64v2 beta server up and running..
    telnet to port 20023 ... don't login at the prompt, just connect, sit back, and I'll give a guided tour and then let you explore a bit..
    then you may explore a bit.. if you wait more than a minute.. login as guest or create an account.. mail me or wait in the chat... you will have to make
    an account on the BBS anyhow.

    To login securely,
    you can get a free ssh2 account at http://www.nvita.org/free-shells.aspx
    then at the shell prompt type: telnet 20023

    WMHT OS Zx86/64 is much faster and more secure than windows, linux, unix,
    and mac; and runs all their software.

    Hunter Reon Barnes
    --- SBBSecho 2.12-FreeBSD
    * Origin: (1:103/17)