• Twistrons

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    Charles Q. Choi
    02 Feb 2023

    Twistrons, made from spun carbon nanotubes (CNTs), convert
    mechanical movement into electricity. UT Dallas researchers
    made a new kind of twistron by intertwining three individual
    strands of spun carbon nanotube fibers to make a single yarn.
    Their method was similar to the way conventional yarns used in
    textiles are constructed.

    Novel yarns made with carbon nanotubes can generate electricity
    from mechanical energy better than any other material to date,
    a new study finds.

    The high-tech yarns, known as twistrons, can be sewn into
    clothes to produce electricity from human motion or deployed in
    the ocean to harvest energy from waves, researchers say.

    Electromagnetic generators, which essentially function as
    electric motors run in reverse, have long been used to convert
    mechanical energy from wind and water to electricity. Although
    these perform well on large scales, they perform much less well
    on smaller scales. Therefore, researchers have investigated a
    wide variety of materials to harvest mechanical energy-for
    instance, using body motions to power wearable electronics.

    Scientists first reported the invention of twistrons about five
    years ago. They created these materials by spinning carbon
    nanotubes into high-strength, lightweight fibers that can also
    incorporate electrolytes. Twisting or stretching these yarns
    increases their density, which in turn generates a voltage that
    can drive an electric current.

    "Our dream in the future is to be able to use our twistrons to
    harvest the mechanical energy in the oceans to power cities,"
    says study senior author Ray Baughman, a materials scientist at
    the University of Texas at Dallas.

    [Full article]: https://spectrum.ieee.org/twistronics

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