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    "If you think you can imagine yourself being a free and
    innocent person one day and then an imprisoned and convicted
    person the next day, you're fooling yourself.

    "Read this book and find out about some of the people who've
    suffered this unimaginable fate at the hands of our justice
    system. You'll learn about how and why it happens, and I'm
    certain it will surprise people who aren't familiar with some
    of the underlying causes of wrongful convictions.

    "This is a plain-language, blunt, and crucial contribution to
    our ongoing struggle with this profound problem. Hopefully, it
    will motivate you to join a chorus of voices advocating for
    changes that are necessary to both try and prevent wrongful
    convictions from happening and make it fairer to correct them
    when they do."

    -David Asper, KC, counsel for David Milgaard

    US/UK/Spain https://bookshop.org/a/93260/9781668023662


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