• Hospital To Test ID Chip

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    Hospital to test ID chip in patients
    Annette Wells, Staff Writer

    A controversial device that can store security information and is the
    size of a grain of rice will make its way into the right arms of some
    50 volunteering Arrowhead Regional Medical Center patients.

    * More about the chip at www.verichipcorp.com

    But, its purpose here won't be to provide bank account or e-mail
    passwords to the Colton hospital's staff.

    The VeriMed microchip system will be used to store valuable
    information such as type of allergies and current medication so
    physicians can determine the safest treatment in the event someone
    is unconscious or unable to speak.

    On Tuesday, the county Board of Supervisors approved the hospital's
    request to take part in a pilot program with the microchip's maker,
    VeriChip Corporation, for four months.

    The hospital will receive 50 of the devices and, on a voluntary basis,
    will implant them into its patients.

    Dr. Dev GnanaDev, Arrowhead Regional medical director, said the
    program is part of the hospital's push to get appropriate care to
    those with chronic ailments such as cardiovascular disease or

    Arrowhead Regional's emergency room is often occupied by patients with
    a chronic disorder who can't effectively communicate their medical

    For example, GnanaDev said a diabetic might enter the hospital in a
    coma, but ER staff might not associate the two because they don't have
    access to medical records that quickly.

    "In a situation like that, just a few more minutes might make a
    difference," he said.


    Full article at "San Bernadino County Sun" http://www.sbsun.com/news/ci_3243861

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