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    Digging up the Skull and Bones connection

    By Mark Coulton, New York
    March 18, 2006

    IF PRIME Minister John Howard ever wants anything from the new United
    States ambassador, Robert McCallum, here's a suggestion: don't mention
    General Russell.

    That is the code used by members of one of the world's most powerful
    and elite secret societies. President Bush is alleged to have used its connections to get his first job.

    Both George Bush and Robert McCallum are members of Skull and Bones,
    the Yale society with a fixation on the symbols of death. The society
    is said to have the skull of the Apache chief Geronimo, dug up by Mr
    Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush, in a glass case.

    Its members have included presidents, generals, journalists and
    businessmen. General William Huntington Russell founded the society
    in 1832.

    Bonesmen, as they are called, are sworn to secrecy. Tradition demands
    that if someone mentions Skull and Bones its members should leave the
    room. Mr Bush, in his autobiography A Charge to Keep, wrote: "My
    senior year I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society. So secret,
    I can't say anything."

    [... ...]

    One of the stranger rituals is that the 15 new members are required
    to give their full sexual history to the other 14, starting with their
    first masturbatory experience. This helps reinforce the extreme code
    of silence that surrounds the society.

    Before she stopped counting, Robbins says she knew of at least 11
    fellow Bonesmen that Mr Bush has appointed to government posts. These
    include three members of his class of 1968.

    In fact, ambassador-designate McCallum is coming to the position from
    his previous post of assistant attorney-general. Other 1968 Bonesmen
    that Bush has appointed are Roy Austin, who became ambassador to
    Trinidad and Tobago, and Dr Rex Cowdry, associate director of the
    National Economic Council.

    One of the more interesting Bonesmen appointments is that of Jack
    McGregor, to the St Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation advisory
    board. Skull and Bones owns Deer Island, in the St Lawrence, and uses
    it for an annual retreat.

    Full article at "The Age" Melbourne http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2006/03/17/1142582525429.html?from=top5

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