• Eve of World War III

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    A better name for the massive conflict might be the Battle of Gog
    and Magog as described in Ezekiel 38. "Islamist" "terrorists" are
    simply using terror attacks as a means to an end; the establishment
    of a global Caliphate under Sharia Law. Ultimately, the West uniting
    under Antichrist will prove to be more terrible than Muslims seeking (abortively) to impose their ideology.


    'We're on the eve of World War III'
    Ex-Mossad chief urges West to unite, warns of Muslims imposing ideology
    Posted: March 28, 2006
    1:00 a.m. Eastern

    (c) 2006 WorldNetDaily.com

    JERUSALEM - Global civilization is on the verge of "World War III," a
    massive conflict in which the Islamic world will attempt to impose its
    ideology on Western nations, according to Meir Amit, a former director
    of Israel's Mossad intelligence agency.

    Amit, one of the most esteemed figures in the international defense establishment, warned Islamic nations and global Islamist groups will
    continue launching "all kinds of attacks" against Western states. He
    urged the international community to immediately unite and coordinate
    a strategy to fight against the "Islamic war."

    "We are on the eve of war with the Islamic world, which will wage a
    war and all kinds of actions and attacks against the Western world.
    We already noticed the terrorists in the world hit Spain, England,
    France. I call it World War III. You must look at it from this angle
    and treat it wider, not as a problem of terrorism here and there,"
    said Amit, speaking during an exclusive interview with WND's Aaron
    Klein and ABC Radio's John Batchelor broadcast on Batchelor's national
    program, for which Klein serves as a co-host.

    Amit served as Mossad chief from 1963 to 1968. He directed some of the
    most notorious Mossad operations during that time and pioneered many
    of the tactics currently used by intelligence agencies worldwide. The
    subject of multiple books and movies, Amit is routinely described as a
    "living legend." Now in his mid-80s, Amit serves as chairman of
    Israel's Center for Special Studies.

    The former intelligence chief referenced recent terror attacks against
    Israel, Europe and the United States; Iran's alleged nuclear
    ambitions; the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan; and worldwide
    Muslim riots.

    "It looks to me like it is a kind of coordinated or contemplated
    problem to somehow impose the Islamic idea all over the world,"
    Amit said.

    Israel is routinely attacked by Palestinian terror groups. Since
    December 2000, 993 Israelis have been killed. Spain in March 2004
    was struck by a series of coordinated bombings on its commuter train
    system, killing 192 people. London was rocked last July by bombings on
    its transportation system. France has been the scene of violent Muslim
    riots and attacks. And on Sept. 11, 2001, 2,986 people were killed
    when the U.S. was hit with coordinated terror attacks.

    Violent Muslim riots erupted last month in the West Bank, Syria and
    Lebanon after cartoon images of Muhammad were printed in a Danish
    newspaper. The riots spread across the Middle East and throughout

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