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    I wonder if it was coincidence that Sure Trace chose 6-6-6 as the
    date for this release?


    Globe Staff Consulting Announces Upcoming Launch of the New 'Tag and Track' System and Location Services

    2006-06-06 11:12 ET - News Release

    BAYONNE, France and PHILADELPHIA, June 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
    Sure Trace Security Corporation today announced that its subsidiary,
    Globe Staff Consulting Corp. , a homeland R&D security company focused
    on serving the transportation and homeland security industries, will
    formally launch its new "Tag and Track" system and location services
    in late October 2006.

    The "Tag and Track" system will provide a flexible, rapidly deployable assisted-GPS / GSM location-based service including an innovative
    integrated RFID technology that enables a wide array of customizable applications. The technology locates and/or tracks vehicles, objects,
    assets or people. Our customers will deploy a portable receiver or
    reader devices network whether inside or outside a building which will
    be used to pick up the signal transmitted by our "Tag and Track"
    Tracker with its integrated RFID Tag. The device is about the size of
    a cell phone. This system was originally conceived/developed on a
    Special Police Forces request from the French Ministry of the

    RFID chips don't have their own energy source, they are passive. They
    emit a signal when specific frequencies of radio energy are used to
    "paint" them. RFIDs contain tiny antennas that receive that RF energy
    and then re-radiate their encoded information.

    The Company's RFID chip will be miniaturized, implantable radio
    frequency identification device that has the potential to be used in a
    variety of security, financial, and other applications. It is smaller
    than a grain of rice; the encoded information is captured by briefly
    passing a proprietary scanner or passing through any receivers.

    CTO Jean-Gilles Subervie said, "This launch represents an important
    step forward in our advanced technologies research and development. We
    have spent considerable time and resources developing 'Tag and Track'
    in the last 15 months, and we are very excited to bring this product
    to market. 'Tag and Track' proprietary two-way interactive paging-over- wireless network software and secure web services interface are going
    to revolutionize how and where GPS and RFID can be applied together.
    The Company's staff in France are recognized experts in Electronics,
    Embedded Technologies, Telecommunications, 3G and GPRS network
    technologies, two-way paging, wireless networking, geolocalization,
    mapping systems, RFID tags, high security applications and government contracting.

    Some of the Potential uses include:

    -- Tracking people inside and outside a building

    -- Airport Staff security tracking

    -- Airline asset tracking at airports

    -- Managing movable assets and people inside and outside

    -- All kinds of transportation and vehicular tracking

    -- Elders, Pensioners, Hospital Staff and Patient tracking

    -- Fund transfer and Postal tracking

    -- Security for high-value static assets monitoring (museums, painting
    galleries ... )

    -- Police and special forces tracking and tagging investigations

    About Sure Trace Security Corporation/Globe Staff Consulting Corp.

    Globe Staff Consulting Corp. is a subsidiary of Sure Trace Security Corporation. Sure Trace produces integrators for anti-counterfeiting
    and security surveillance applications and is a provider of integrated
    tracking devices. True Product ID Inc. , a former subsidiary of SSTY,
    via a license from Sure Trace Security Corporation , delivers turnkey
    solutions for governments, armed forces, and industry, through
    proprietary technology and through aggregating the technology,
    products, and services of third parties via licensing agreements
    and/or joint ventures. In addition to a license from SSTY, TPDI will
    also be providing the day-to-day operational duties and R&D for SSTY's
    majority owned subsidiary, Globe Staff Consulting Corp. . For more
    information go to: http://www.suretrace.com and to


    Source: Sure Trace Security Corporation ... http://www.suretrace.com/ir/pr_060606_02.html

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