• Microchip Implants "Inevitable"

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    Microchips in humans inevitable: Alberta

    Jodie Sinnema, CanWest News Service; Edmonton Journal

    EDMONTON -- Imagine a world where you're taken unconscious and with no identification to a hospital. The doctor scans the microchip implanted
    in your shoulder, downloads your medical identification number and
    links up with a secure network that says you're a diabetic and
    allergic to Tylenol.

    Sounds ideal.

    In a world where more than 230 physicians in the United States have
    bought microchips for implantation in patients, and where a club owner
    in Spain offers to implant VIP chips into posh people so they don't
    need to carry credit cards or identification, the ethics of human
    microchip technology needs to be debated in Canada, says a University
    of Ottawa professor.

    "This is all happening relatively quickly," said Ian Kerr, an expert
    in ethics, law and technology who spoke Friday at the Access and
    Privacy Conference in Edmonton. "I don't think we're that far off."


    Kerr said it's hard to know if Canada would approve the chips for
    human implantation.

    Frank Work, Alberta's privacy commissioner, said he thinks it's

    "Worried or scared, you know that if there is an advantage to it,
    either economic or medical, someone is going to perfect it," Work
    said. "Someone is going to bring it to a point where it can be used
    in the near future.

    "We'll do it in a well-intentioned way, wanting to look after people.
    But like with anything, as soon as you bring in the well-intentioned application, someone will figure out the evil application."

    Edmonton Journal

    (c) CanWest News Service 2006


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