• Apocalyptic Ending Of Isr

    From LEE LOFASO@1:123/140 to GEORGE POPE on Tuesday, August 08, 2006 20:34:00
    Hello George,

    What is the significance of Aug. 22? This year, Aug. 22 corresponds,
    in the Islamic calendar, to the 27th day of the month of Rajab of the >SA>year 1427. This, by tradition, is the night when many Muslims >SA>commemorate the night flight of the prophet Muhammad on the winged

    See? This is how Muslims pick significant dates -- 9/11 was clearly of GP>American origin, designed specifically to rally the population around an GP>"emergency". . .

    Au contraire. 9/11 in the Islamic calendar corresponds to 7/11.
    The year 711 corresponds to the first Muslim invasion of Europe.

    As for the significance of August 22, there is a second meaning.
    That is the date Iran is expected to have enough enriched uranium
    to make a nuclear bomb.


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