• Iran's "Nuclear Birth" (?)

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    August 24, 2006 No.1261

    Al-Borz News Service: President Ahmadinejad Expected to Announce
    Iran's 'Nuclear Birth'

    The Iranian news service Al-Borz, which is known to have access to
    sources in the Iranian government, predicted that on the first
    anniversary of Iranian President Ahmadinejad's government, in late
    August 2006, Ahmadinejad is expected to announce what the news service
    called Iran's "nuclear birth."

    In addition, an August 23, 2006 article about Iran's reply to the
    incentives proposal, that was posted on the Iranian Foreign Ministry- affiliated website www.tehrantimes.com , implied that Iran's nuclear
    technology had already reached the point of no return: "... If the
    West is seeking to impede Iran's nuclear industry, it should realize
    that Iran has passed this stage."(1)

    The following are excerpts from the Al-Borz report:(2)

    "It is expected that the first anniversary of the forming of the ninth government will be the date of the Ahmadinejad government's 'nuclear

    "... Together with [the celebration of] the anniversary of the forming
    of the ninth cabinet, the president of the country [Mahmoud
    Ahmadinejad] will hold his third press conference... where he will
    answer questions from journalists from Iran and from abroad.

    "In addition to detailing the activities of the government at the end
    of [its first] year, the head of the government [i.e. Ahmadinejad]
    will officially present Iran's positions on: economic and cultural
    matters, the nuclear dossier, the activities of nuclear research
    centers, and developments in the region."

    (1) Tehran Times (Iran), August 23, 2006.
    (2) Al-Borz, August 21, 2006.


    Source: "MEMRI" ....

    Hamongog awaits them.

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