• J is for Jihad

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    A good collection of Muslim quotes demonstrating that the
    "Religion of Peace" started with killing, genocide and
    ethnic cleansing.


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    offensive wars , attack & conquer , pre-emptive strikes:

    The Legislation & The Beginning of Jihad
    by Akram Diya al 'Umari

    Professor of the History of the Sunnah, Graduate Department, Islamic
    University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia

    The Legislation of Jihad

    Jihad is an Islamic legal term meaning fighting in the way of
    Allah in order to establish a just system which upholds the laws of
    the Shariah and seeks to realize the aims of Islam on earth.

    Then came the third stage in which the Muslims were ordered to
    fight the Mushrikun and to initiate the fighting. This was to
    facilitate the spread of Islam by removing any obstacles placed in its
    path by the forces of Shirk (polytheism or idolatry), and to give the
    Muslims the upper hand in the world.


    Describing the Futuhat* as defensive is an apologetic attempt
    which does not stand up to serious argument. Did the people of
    Andalusia or Transoxiana cross the Muslims' borders in order to
    conquer them? Did securing the borders necessitate the Muslims'
    penetrating deeply into three continents, Asia, Europe and Africa,
    where dangerous events and decisive battles took place far from the
    Arabian Peninsula, such as the battle of Tours at Poitiers in the
    south of France, the conquest of Crete and southern Italy, the battle
    of Tiraz on the Talas river in Transoxiana, and finally the siege of

    The true explanation of the Futuhat is that they applied their
    religious duty which is Jihad, and which the Prophet(P) described as
    the pinnacle of Islam.

    {*Futuhat = 'liberation campaigns' to free the people of their 'non- muslim-ness'}


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    * Origin: J is for Jihad; K is for Kill; L is for Lakemba (3:800/432)