• UK Fines For Not Updating ID Cards

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    UK - [UKP]1,000 fine for failing to update identity cards

    [UKP]1,000 fine for failing to update identity cards

    By Melissa Kite, Deputy Political Editor, Sunday Telegraph

    Last Updated: 12:37am GMT 24/12/2006

    A draconian regime of fines, which would hit families at times of marriage
    and death, is being drawn up by ministers to enforce the Identity Card scheme.

    Millions of people, from struggling students to newly-wed women and bereaved relatives, will face a system of penalties, netting more than [UKP]40 million for the Treasury.

    People would be fined up to [UKP]1,000 for failing to return a dead
    relative's ID card, while women who marry will have to pay at least
    [UKP]30 for a new card if they want to use their married name, risking
    a [UKP]1,000 fine if they do not comply.


    Full article at - Sunday Telegraph

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml;jsessionid =5G0VOOAIAJRRJQFIQMFCFF4AVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/12/24/nid24.xml

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