• Rift Between Islam and infidels

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    Hmmm... the "rift" wouldn't have anything to do with Muslims'
    penchant for raping women "leb-style", kidnapping and beheading
    "infidels", referring to women as "uncovered meat", hijacking
    and blowing things up, cartoon rage, jihad, "carbecues" etc etc?


    Last Update: Saturday, March 3, 2007. 1:00pm (AEDT)

    Rift between Muslims and non-Muslims blamed on Govt, media

    A Melbourne Islamic leader has told a forum in Canberra that the
    Federal Government and the media have created the rift between Muslim
    and non-Muslim Australians.

    About 350 randomly selected people from all over Australia have
    converged on Canberra this weekend to take part in a deliberative
    poll on Islamic relations.

    Sheikh Mohammad Omran from the Islamic Information and Support Centre
    in Melbourne told the participants that the media and government have
    created the problem.

    "The issue that we have is an artificially created problem between the
    Muslims and the non-Muslims," he said.

    The results of the subsequent poll will be compiled by the Issues
    Deliberation think tank and presented to federal governments to
    influence policy change.


    Source: "ABC"

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