• "Iron Burka" Falls On Europe

    From Mullah Lodabullah@3:800/432 to All on Monday, March 12, 2007 03:12:32
    The "Iron Burka" continues to fall upon Europe and the West...


    Islam is Taking a Grip on Europe

    Why Muslims Object to Piggy Banks

    By Wolfgang Polzer

    WETZLAR u Islam is slowly but surely taking a grip on the European
    culture, warns the German journalist and university lecturer Udo
    Ulfkotte. Traditional values, customs and judicial standards are
    gradually customized to meet Muslim requirements.

    As Ulfkotte explained at a meeting of Christian Democrats in Wetzlar,
    March 8, more and more institutions are making allowances for Muslims.
    Many banks, he said, are abandoning the so-called piggy banks, because
    they are afraid of losing Muslim customers. Muslims regard the pig as
    an unclean animal.

    German butchers who sell pork are targeted by Muslim extremists,
    according to Ulfkotte. Muslims occasionally spit on sausages on sale
    at open-air markets.

    In some European cities Muslim taxi drivers refuse to transport dogs,
    even blind persons with guide dogs. Two schools in Berlin have
    installed two separate entrances u one for German Christians and Jews
    and the other for Muslim Arabs and Turks.


    Full article at " Journal Chretien" http://www.spcm.org/Journal/spip.php?article7249

    * Origin: Dhimmitude? No Thanks! (3:800/432)