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    The site below makes it clear that it seeks to awaken the
    will and desire to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem. It
    is in this Temple that Antichrist will sit and reign, showing
    himself to be god, and demanding to be worshipped as god.

    Further, the site makes it clear that Gentiles (generally
    speaking, you and I) are required to obey the "Seven
    Commandments for the Gentiles" (Noahide Laws). Note
    "Commandment" 1, which forbids prayers to intermediaries;
    God is one, not none, not two, not three, not many.

    This has consequences for Christians, understanding God as
    Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with Jesus Christ as mediator
    between God and men, who gave His life as a ransom for all.

    All of the "Commandments" for the Gentiles are capital crimes,
    with transgressors being punished with death.

    Incidentally, the "Noahide Laws" are recognised as the foundation
    of the USA - perhaps the prototype "Noahide Nation" for Antichrist's
    dominion. [ http://jdstone.org/cr/files/educationday_usa.html ]
    (and elsewhere on the 'net) ================================================================

    Mercaz Har HaBayit- The Temple Mount Information Center is located in
    the Old City of Jerusalem in the Jewish Quarter. We opened the Mercaz
    on the holiday of Sukkot in the year 5763 (2002). Our purpose is to
    arouse the hearts of the people and awaken the will and the desire to
    build the Third Beit HaMikdash - the Holy Third Temple - speedily in
    our days, for nothing stands in the way of a determined will.

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    The Responsibilities of the Gentiles:

    What does G-d require from the Gentiles? How can they achieve a moral
    life in this world, and the rewards of the world to come?

    First we will present a synopsis of the commandments which are
    applicable to all of the Gentile nations, and then we will present a
    detailed explication.

    Seven Commandments for the Gentiles, called the Sheva Mitzvos B'nei

    The Path for Gentiles to Enter into the World to Come and to Avoid the
    Flood of Immorality in this World.

    1. No worship or prayer to anyone except G-d. No images of G-d. No
    prayers to intermediaries. G-d is one, not none, not two, not three,
    not many.

    2. No murder. Execution of criminals is however not murder, and is
    required. See 7.

    3. No sexual iniquity which means no adultery, no incest, no
    homosexuality and no bestiality.

    4. No stealing, even of an inconsequential amount.

    5. No eating flesh removed from a living animal.

    6. No cursing of G-d. No blasphemy.

    7. Must set up law courts to judge on the other six. All seven are
    capital crimes. If the country does not set up courts to judge on
    the other six and to punish transgressors with death, then all of
    the inhabitants who could do anything about it are punishable

    [The word punishable is used throughout this document as a
    translation of the Hebrew word ????. In this context, it means that
    the person has committed a sin and therefore is liable for the
    punishment, whether or not there are courts who judge on these
    matters, and whether or not he is convicted. .]

    Additional restrictions: No cross breeding of species nor grafting of
    trees. No castration.

    A gentile who scrupulously obeys these commandments has a place in the
    world to come.

    A fundamental text which deals with these issues is the Mishneh Torah,
    written by Rabbi Moses son of Maimon, called Maimonides and Rambam. In
    chapters 8-11 of the Laws of Kings he describes the path of the
    righteous Gentile and the commandments which pertain to him.

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    Source: "Temple Mount Information Center"

    Cheers, Steve..

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