• Dutch School Scraps Nature Course...

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    Intolerant Islam has infiltrated "Amsterstan" to the extent that
    young Muslim pupils start demolishing the classroom when pigs are
    mentioned in discussions on farm life. The "Iron Burka" continues
    to fall upon Europe and the West.


    School Scraps Nature Course As Pigs Enrage Muslim Pupils

    AMSTERDAM, 27/04/07 - A school in Amsterdam has halted lessons on
    rural life because the Islamic children refused to talk about pigs.

    Reporting this, Alderman Lodewijk Asscher said he wants to take
    "tough measures." Subsidies for all kinds of dubious groups must
    stop and parents of unruly children penalised financially.

    Asscher told newspaper De Volkskrant: "A primary school in Amsterdam-
    Noord has decided no longer to teach about living on a farm.

    Various pupils began to demolish the classroom when the pig came up
    for discussion. Apparently it has gone that far.

    These children, 9, 10 years old, have not been given even the most
    elementary rules at home about why they must go to school."


    Full article at " Nis News": http://www.nisnews.nl/public/270407_1.htm
    (via Rantburg and Little Green Footballs)

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