• Wi-Fi and RFID Used For Tracking

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    Wi-fi and RFID used for tracking

    Wireless tracking systems could be used to protect patients in
    hospitals and students on campuses, backers of the technology said.

    The combination of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags and
    wi-fi allows real-time tracking of objects or people inside a wireless

    Angelo Lamme, from Motorola, said tracking students on a campus could
    help during a fire or an emergency.

    "You would know where your people are at any given moment," he said.

    Marcus Birkl, head of wireless at Siemens, said location tracking of
    assets or people was one of the biggest incentives for companies,
    hospitals and education institutions to roll out wi-fi networks.

    Both firms were at The Wireless Event, in London, this week selling
    new products in the area of so-called real-time location services.

    Siemens is pushing a complete system, developed with Finnish firm
    Ekahau, which can track objects or people.


    Full article at "BBC"

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