• Bush and "Religion Of Peace"

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    President Bush still thinks Islam is a "religion of peace".

    I think he is deluded.


    Subj : Press Release (0706266) for Tue, 2007 Jun 26

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    For Immediate Release Office of the Press Secretary June 26, 2007

    Press Briefing by Tony Snow White House Conference Center Briefing Room

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    Q The President goes to the Islamic Center tomorrow. Does he still believe
    that Islam is a religion of peace, and does he regret using the term last
    year "Islamic fascists"?

    MR. SNOW: He believes Islam is a religion of peace. He also believes that
    it has been hijacked, in some cases, by people who use Islam as a shield
    for murdering people, who use it as a way of spreading terrorism rather
    than tolerance. And he will be making those points tomorrow.

    Q What about the term "Islamic fascists"?

    MR. SNOW: Again, I think -- look, there are some people out there who want
    to expose people in the name of Islam to a totalitarian way of life. And
    the President does not think that that is -- what is important to realize
    is that the President does not believe that is consistent with Islam.


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