• Prophetic One World Order

    From Steve Asher@3:800/432 to All on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 22:12:43

    By Bill Wilson, Daily Jot News Service Senior Analyst

    WASH- July 23 -DJNS-- The forces of Islam, the Democratic Party,
    the Bush Administration, China and Russia are all players on the
    international stage of world domination with one goal in mind - a one
    world order fashioned after their own particular belief systems. Some
    are patient and willing to allow others to destroy one another while
    they lay in wait to make their move. Others are engaging the hunt
    before our eyes. There is a war against the United States of America perpetrated by Islamic aggression. It is a war of ideology, where
    America is trying to impose some sort of one-world order democracy on
    a culture incompatible with democracy, and where Islam is trying to
    conquer America with religious fascism.

    The Democratic Party's way of handling this war is to ignore that it
    is a war and to treat it as a policing effort. Democratic leaders want
    the United States to pull out of Iraq and allow the United Nations to
    take over keeping the peace in the region. They believe that Islamic
    terrorists can be contained by, first, leaving them alone, and second,
    by using stringent law enforcement when they break the law. The
    Democrats would prefer to pull out, regroup, and fight another day if
    the Islamic aggression continues. The problem with this position is
    the lesson of Russia and Iran arming Syria and Syrian-backed terrorist
    group Hezbollah under the watchful, if uncaring, eyes of UN
    peacekeepers. The same would happen in Iraq.

    The Bush Administration has another strategy. It wants to take a long
    term approach toward democratizing the entire Middle East. It began
    with the failed experiment of elections within the Palestinian
    Authority - where the terrorist group Hamas won. Under the
    Administration's plan, the United States will use just enough force to
    keep the diplomats talking in hopes that over the very long term, the
    idea of democracy will catch on. Hence, we have talks with Iran, who
    along with Russia and China are the main suppliers of arms to the
    entire host of terrorist organizations.

    Both approaches have their short- and long-term flaws, but both lead
    toward a one world order - either established through the United Nations
    or through the spread of democracy. The counter balance is Islam,
    which wants to obtain world domination by the force of religious
    fascism. Behind the shadow of Islam awaits China and Russia, who both
    have their own view of a one world order. They prefer to us Islam as a
    stalking horse to kill off as many of all sides as possible, to make
    their one world order easier to take over. 2 Timothy 3:13 says of the
    latter days, "But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse,
    deceiving and being deceived." These are days of great deception which
    demand great discernment.

    Source: " Montana News Association" http://www.montanasnews.com/articles.php?mode=view&id=8347

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