• RFID Revolution - Tagging Cars In India?

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    RFID Revolution: Your cars will be tagged

    25 Sep, 2007, 1248 hrs IST,Rajat Guha & Nirbhay Kumar, TNN

    NEW DELHI: The ministry of heavy industries is considering a proposal
    to make it mandatory to fit RFIDenabled devices in the cars manufactured
    in India.

    It will be the responsibility of the car manufacturers to ensure that
    all new cars have these radio-frequency identification tags. It is
    believed that RFID tags would help in traffic management as traffic
    violations by motorists could be tracked and all violations dentified.
    Also, motorists would get charged automatically as soon as they enter
    a toll area.


    Full article at " The Economic Times" India http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/RFID_Revolution_Your_cars_will_be_tagged/ articleshow/2401080.cms

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