• The Globalist Recipe for Chaos and Domination

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    The Globalist Recipe for Chaos and Domination
    by Le Patriote

    Have you noticed the parallels between the situation in Pakistan and our
    own situation here in the United States?

    Pakistan is currently under a puppet military dictator, Pervez
    Musharraf, who was installed by the globalists by way of various
    international alphabet agencies, including our own CIA. Musharraf, like
    all puppet leaders is despised by the Pakistani people and is a ruthless
    and cruel dictator. With the hope of a democratic election in January,
    2008 the Pakistanis saw a chance to elect the leader of their choice,
    the highly regarded and loved Benazir Bhutto.

    Musharraf was clearly the installed dictator who served the purposes of
    the globalists, while Bhutto was clearly the choice of the Pakistani
    people. So the globalists assassinated her on December 27, 2007. No
    autopsy was performed and Benazir Bhutto was buried the very next day.
    The assassination was immediately blamed on the terrorist group ôAl
    Qaedaö, more appropriately called Al CIA Duh! Furthermore, it was
    reported that immediately prior to the assassination attack, that
    security guards protecting Bhutto were told to stand down, just like the secret service guards were stood down immediately prior to the
    assassination of JFK in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963.

    The Pakistani people reacted to the assassination of Bhutto with
    righteous indignation and anger and the full impact is yet to be
    realized. The Pakistani people feel betrayed and are outraged to have
    had so dear and strong a leader stolen from them. It is certain that the impact of her tragic death will be felt over the coming months and years.

    Today, in the United States we have an upcoming presidential election
    where the only choice offered are selectees who will serve the interests
    of the globalists and further the globalist agenda by perpetuating the
    bogus ôwar on terrorö and continuing the erosion of our national
    sovereignty. Only one candidate stands out from the crowd of selectees
    and that candidate is Ron Paul. While the globalists attempt to force
    the American people to choose from their hand selected group of bought
    and paid for selectees, a huge and growing number of the American people support and love Ron Paul, who is clearly the choice of the American
    people (the thinking ones anyway).

    Given the parallels that exist between Pakistan and America, will the globalists attempt to assassinate Ron Paul? It has already been alleged
    by credible sources that the globalists are considering the
    ramifications of a Ron Paul assassination. Here let it be known to the globalist New World Order that the people of the United States are
    awakening to the mass deception that is being perpetrated on them. Our
    eyes are open and we are watching you very closely. You may be able to assassinate Ron Paul, but you cannot kill the ideas that he, and the
    American people embrace.

    We know that you, like your father the devil, thrive on chaos,
    instability, and deception, but we the people demand truth, liberty, prosperity, and peace and we will fight you to achieve these goals.
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