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    Last year a conference was held in Vienna about the so called Euro-Islam

    Posted by siad on January 29, 2008

    A translated feature from the danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad of the 11th January, 2008

    It is surprising that the conference about Euro-Islam in Vienna last year
    has not attracted more attention than it did, as the conference was in fact
    a Moslem declaration of war on the original European population.

    LAST YEAR a conference was held in Vienna about the so called Euro-Islam.
    Here the prominent Moslem delegates formulated a common future vision about Europe under the power of Islam. On that occasion, Mustafa Ceric, the Bosnian grand mufti, described "a future Islamic epoch which, with Moorish Spain and Osmanli South Europe as models, should replace Christianity".

    Among the participants was also the omnipresent professor Tariq Ramadan.
    He pronounced that the plans about the islamization of Europe ought to be
    kept a secret to the public.

    They also agreed that the first step to be taken was to ensure the rights
    of Sharia in Europe thus stating "that at least as a start Sharia should
    be introduced as a parallel legal order into the European countries". As
    to the details of Sharia they should be kept away from public discussions
    as much as possible.

    It is surprising that these declarations made at the conference have not called forth much attention with the public. Either such future goals about Islam seem too imaginative to be taken seriously. Or the reality fit so badly with the picture of Islam that prevails in the "superior knowing" European cultural elite in particular, that they choose to repress what is in fact being

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    Full article at Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark http://siad.wordpress.com/2008/01/29/ last-year-a-conference-was-held-in-vienna-about-the-so-called-euro/#more-183

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