• Freedom's Light Flickers

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    As the Iron Burka of Islam descends upon the civilised world, pockets
    of bravery and resistance remain ...


    Freedom's light flickers
    Kathleen Parker
    February 16, 2008

    Traveling to Europe's Dark Ages, one might expect to find newspaper
    headlines like these:

    Archbishop of Canterbury says sharia law to be incorporated into British

    A Danish cartoonist is placed under indefinite police protection as three would-be assassins are arrested.

    Renegade Muslim author seeks country to protect her from Islamist fanatics promising to kill her.

    Alas, these are headlines from the past few weeks in modern-day Europe,
    where ancient values continue to collide with Western civilization.

    One does not have to be anti-Islam to be concerned as radical Islam clashes with Modern Europe. One does have to be blind -- or in dangerous denial --
    not to be concerned that threats and violence from religionists, coupled
    with incremental accommodations and submissions by the soon-to-be "formerly" dominant culture, are leading to a darker age.

    Is that the land of Mordor in the distance?

    No, it's Denmark, where the cartoon controversy that caused Muslim outrage
    in 2005 continues to draw fire from the lunatic fringe. Three Muslim men
    have been arrested for plotting to kill one of the cartoonists, Kurt Westergaard, whose drawing showed the prophet Muhammad wearing a
    bomb-turban with a lit fuse.


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