• First World Noahide Conference

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    The penalty for breaches of "noahide law" is death, usually by beheading; worship of Jesus Christ is considered to be blasphemy, and in breach of
    the noahide laws. (This is brief, and not intended to take into account
    all views on how the laws might or might not be enforced or interpreted
    in all circumstances)

    =========================================================================== First World Noahide Conference Begins
    reprinted from Arutz 7
    26 Sivan 5768, 29 June 08 07:45
    by Hillel Fendel

    (IsraelNN.com) The 1st World Conference of the Noahide Nations is underway
    in Florida.

    The conference is taking place at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport Hilton Hotel,
    and is designed to bring Jews and Noahides together.


    The seven Noahide laws, by which Gentiles are bound according to Torah law
    and which are being accepted by increasing numbers of non-Jews, are the following:

    1. Belief in one G-d; no idol worship
    2. Respecting G-d: Do not blaspheme His Name
    3. Respect for human life: Do not murder
    4. Respect for family: Do not commit immoral sexual acts
    5. Respect for othersAE rights: Do not steal
    6. Creation of a judicial system
    7. Respect All Creatures: Do not eat live animals or be cruel to them


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