• UK School To Serve Idol Meat

    From Mullah Lodabullah@3:800/432 to All on Saturday, October 11, 2008 00:21:15
    The UK plans to go further down the gurgler, with Dale Primary school,
    Derby, planning to serve food sacrificed to the false god "allah" to
    all of its students, allahfiles and infidels alikea as they sow, they
    will reap:

    (Acts 15:29) That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood,
    and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well.

    ========================================================================== Primary school to serve pupils halal meat whether they're Muslim or not
    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 12:24 PM on 10th October 2008

    All pupils at a primary school face being served halal meat at lunchtime whether they are Muslim or not, it emerged today.

    Dale Primary, which has a large proportion of Asians among its 550 pupils,
    is consulting parents about the controversial move.

    Under the plans pupils would only be offered Islamic-approved meals on days when meat is on the menu to 'avoid cross-contamination'.

    For meat to be classified halal, a Muslim must have slaughtered the animal from which it came by a single cut to the throat and without stunning it first.

    A prayer, including the words 'Allah is great', is said while single cut
    to the throat all the blood is drained.


    Source: "Daily Mail"
    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1076248/ Primary-school-serve-pupils-halal-meat-theyre-Muslim-not.html

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