• Israel - preparing for Antichrist

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    At some stage, the world will jump out of the frying
    pan of islam, perhaps when it realises that fawning
    and appeasement do not work, and into the fire of the
    false messiah (Antichrist). While islam gets much of
    the attention, with good reason, it is not the only
    bad wolf seeking to devour. Zion rejected the Messiah,
    Jesus Christ, the chief cornerstone, and will attempt
    redemption via another, counterfeit, whose number is
    666 ...


    Zion Needs the Messiah
    by Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen

    Even though he may tarry, we are not to lose hope.

    The mood has not really changed since the elections.
    There is disillusionment with the current political
    leaders of various political and military solutions
    have failed to bring us redemption. This
    disillusionment should increase our yearning for the
    spiritual leadership and vision of the Messiah, of
    whom it is written, oA redeemer shall come to Zion
    and to those of Jacob who turn back from defection.
    (Isaiah 59:20) As a classical commentator, Ibn Ezra,
    explains, this verse is referring to the Messiah.


    Sad that Israel must first place its trust in a
    fake, having rejected the real, until His return
    at the end of the time of Jacob's Trouble.

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    In case you can't see the Subj line in its entirety, it reads "Israel - preparing for Antichrist"



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