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    Hello Roger.,

    Quoting Roger Nelson to Peter Coggon <=-

    I can relate to all of that. A local TV station, WWL-TV, had a get-together for all the families of the servicemen who served in
    Beirut and surrounding areas. Both of my wives were there <G> and it
    was an interesting evening. I almost talked the arm off of a Marine 2-star general.

    It was also an important way to say something, and get the frustrations
    and horror out, and seek relief and consul and peace with others
    who know exactly what you are talking about.

    I see that a lot, at the POST and LEGIONs I visit. I go to listen.

    I would have loved to been the fly listening to you and the General.

    That is a keeper....oh yeah...if you are a fan of Mr. Reagan.

    I still am.

    Isn't that funny. Mr. Reagan had to act, and I still find him
    popular, and yet there are those who don't like him , for this
    and that petty reason. The fate of a President. Come to
    office with the aire of King Arthur, and leave as a villian
    and a few years later, after all is said and done...hey he
    wasn't all that bad.

    I never get to meet serving Presidents, I seem to have better
    chances of meeting royality in the most unexpected ways.

    They are but human and have and make mistakes .... oh well.

    Everybody has a story, Peter. How would you classify yours? (-:

    My story would be a struggle, from near death, if not dead when
    born to family fears and the effects of war on them, and the
    places we lived, before ending up here in retirement beside
    a quiet lake in a summertime resort place...

    I have always tried to carry my person with dignity and tried
    to be honest and respectful of my familys all over the world
    to the point now, I guess our family banner, has got to be
    the UN flag.

    In retirement...I am free to travel and with no fear ...that
    fear before was removed by Cancer...so until that time GOD
    removes me from this hell, I do so with no fear, and I
    can do anything or try it without fear.

    I have enjoyed in my life Roger, meeting people, and in some
    cases being trained by them , due to their past expereince
    of being able to have survived their missions for their

    In shortcomings, I carry the scars of those who have touched
    my life. I am reduced to tears , at times when these things
    come to me as being real. I try to grapple with things
    good and bad, and still go back for more. I love it when
    the odds are against me, and the cause is just and right.

    That is a story of mind which I think many others I have met
    could relate, as in some cases theirs is better.

    And hopefully it will remain that way. Some beautiful country there,

    Yes Ireland is a very beautiful country, with a vast history.
    I think everyone is in hopes of the best. It would be a
    milestone in human history and development, as well a model
    for others.

    But maybe that won't happen.

    No ..hopeful thinking, as it seems I have...re-quotes on
    re-quoted quoted arrows etc, and even due to all this they
    seem to have screwed up what and who really typed it.

    Only on a BBS Roger ....only on a BBS. Thank goodness they
    can not write a letter like this, or say it to someone.

    Oh well ... I follow the lead of a few in here which just
    comment, or opinion...keep it on topic, and after that...
    thats it, unless there is something else on the topic to
    ask or say that forwards the conversation.

    In the end...all out...thats it. "blip"

    I live near a big lake and a Gulf, but don't get to fish much. My favorite down here is speckled trout, which may be known in your area
    as the spotted weakfish.

    Well we do have whitefish. I do understand that you might have hit
    the wrong key. Was it spotted whitefish or are you really meaning
    weakfish? Is one is lake trout. My adopted brother who is

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