• Campaign to abolish "X-mas"

    From Steve Asher@3:800/432 to All on Thursday, April 09, 2009 16:29:20
    As certain Jews push for adoption and enforcement of the
    "Noahide Laws", they simultaneously seek to abolish the
    "X-mas" celebration, backed up by the assertion that there
    is a Jewish ruling that Christians are "idol worshippers",
    and that celebrating Christmas is a capital offence under
    the counterfeit "Noahide Laws".

    (The Nohaide website is online today - it had been offline
    earlier this week - the rest of the hate site is worth


    Jews And Hasidic Gentiles - United to Save America


    Campaign to abolish X-mas celebration by gentiles

    Noahide Mivtzaiim materials now available. Anyone interested in obtaining holiday fliers (@ $.25 each) to distribute to their non-Jewish associates, please contact Shmuel or Aaron for more info:

    [phone number withheld] www.noahide.com

    Why Torah obligates all Jews in this campaign:

    "...according to the known Jewish ruling that Christians are idol worshippers." (Likkutei Sichos 37:198)

    A gentile...is liable for the death penalty...if he has invented a religious holiday for himself...The general principle is we do not allow them to make new religious rituals and to make 'mitzvahs' for themselves by their own devices. Rather they may either become a Ger Tzeddek and accept all the Mitvahs; or he (the Noahide) should stand fast in his Torah (the seven Noahide Laws) without adding or diminishing...and if he does make some new 'mitzvah,' we lash him, punish him, and inform him that he is obligated with the death penalty for this..." (Rambam Mishne TorahuHilchos Melachim 10:9)

    "...it is however obvious that if it will be perceived by them (the nations), also the matter of the negation of shituf, until they even have some recognition of the Unity of Hashemuthat 'there is nothing else besides Him'; this will add both in their carefulness and meticulousness in fulfilling the seven Noahide Laws [with all of their ramifications!] and also in their aiding of Jewish people in all of their matters pertaining to Yiddishkeit and all of their needs in general..." (Likkutei Sichos 25: YudTes Kislev)

    "Any person who has already worked successfully in this area should try to influence other Jews to do likewise. Resistance should not deter one when attempting to influence a further individual to accept upon himself the task of
    disseminating the Noahide Laws amongst the nations." (Hisvaduyos 5750 2:18-19)

    Cheers, Steve..

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