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    From Steve Asher@3:800/432 to All on Thursday, July 02, 2009 23:35:21
    For interest only - promotional video for Tom Horn's book ...

    Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery
    of the Great Seal Revealed



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    On 09/09/09, Jeff Snyder quoted Steve Asher: Interesting Youtube Video.

    For interest only - promotional video for Tom Horn's book ...

    Apollyon Rising 2012: The Lost Symbol Found and the Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed


    For what it's worth, over the past several weeks, I have read all of the current twenty-two blog entries on Mr. Horn's "Apollyon Rising 2012" website. One needs to remember that first and above all, Mr. Horn is a writer and a
    book seller; that is how he earns his living. The aforementioned website is nothing more than his vehicle for enticing and baiting his readers so that
    they will purchase his book when it is released in November, or thereafter.

    After reading so many of his blog entries, I arrived at several conclusions. While I was intrigued by some of the things that he wrote, it also didn't escape me that he regularly stretched the facts and the truth when it suited his purposes, in order to make his personal theories and speculations more believable. Second, he would quote from sources of like-minded individuals who validate his views, while choosing to ignore those sources which reveal the flaws in his thinking. Third, and most disturbing to me as a Christian, is in that in certain instances, he would purposely distort the meaning of some
    words and verses in the Bible, in order to add more support to his arguments.
    I caught him doing this on several occasions throughout his blog entries. What I also find disturbing, is the fact that while he claims to be a Christian writer, he quotes and draws upon more from ancient mythology, than he does
    from the Bible, in order to validate his theories. Our faith as Christians is supposed to be derived from God's Word -- the Bible -- and NOT from ancient mythology, or any of the other sources that he chose to quote.

    While I will continue to read his blog entries, just to see where he is going with it all, my impression is that he is just another fast-talking, money-making Bible huckster. This is clearly evident by the fact that on the top of each blog entry page, he has a line which encourages everyone to read his blog entries before they are banned by the US Government. Clearly, Mr.
    Horn has a problem with his ego, self-aggrandizement and his own self-importance. The line is clearly a gimmick to get people to buy his books.

    I have long believed, and continue to believe, that the Gospel truth should be FREE to everyone, without charge. When we start charging money for what we believe to be the truth, we are purposely setting up barriers, and declaring that some people deserve to read the truth -- those who have money -- while others are not.

    And BTW, I practice what I preach. Anyone can visit my website -- endtimeprophecy.net -- and read everything I have written over the past 15 years, for FREE.

    In conclusion, Mr. Horn, and his faithful followers, are going to be very red-faced when the Nephilim don't appear in 2012, Apollo doesn't make a show, and the world continues on its hell-bent way after 2012.

    I wonder if Mr. Horn will be handing out reimbursements to all of the people who foolishly purchased his book, when they discover after December 21, 2012 that all of his claims and predictions were bogus. Undoubtedly, he will offer no apologies, and his most dedicated followers will forgive him for his blunders, and continue to place their faith in his writings...until it is time to purchase the next book.

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