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    From JOHNJWILSON@1:123/140 to STEVE ASHER on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 05:50:00
    This was pretty amusing, but the use of excoriating language when being descriptive, eliminates the possibility of taking the writer seriously. Written, I suppose for the like-minded.

    Mind Your Tweets: CIA and European Union Building
    Social Networking Surveillance System
    Published on 10-25-2009

    By Tom Burghardt - BLN Contributing Writer

    ...the secret state and the capitalist
    grifters whom they serve...

    A Translation: A government I really haven't studied, and those damned full time employed people. Dirty rotten bill-payers...


    A group to be detested, to be sure. Not like the insecurophilics...

    No, researchers on both sides of the Atlantic are busy as proverbial
    building a "total information" surveillance system, one that will, so
    hope, provide police and security agencies with what they
    call "actionable intelligence."

    Actually, they are all converging on finding out all you dirty little
    secrets which will cause you to live the rest of your life in embarrassment
    and shame.

    [... ...]

    Being pure, without fault, and loaded with a ton of wisdom m'self, I find
    it really hard to view the future with other than amazed optimistic

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