• Alien Reconnaissaince

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    Hello Everybody,

    Is it possible that NASA was on a mission of "alien
    reconnaissaince" in its manned expeditions to the Moon?

    "Based on our analysis as presented in (Dark Mission:
    The Secret History of NASA), it is also our opinion that
    NASA's entire lunar expedition program - culminating
    with the incredibly successful manned Apollo Project -
    was carefully conceivedm from the beginning, as a kind
    of `alien reconnaissaince' followed by an alien
    artifacts retrieval program."
    - Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara

    source: Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara, Dark Mission:
    The Secret History of NASA (Feral House, 2008), p. v.

    This book is very complex, and not that easy to follow.
    But Hoagland and Bara do a credible job exposing much of
    what NASA has done in regards to the space program, what
    its true purpose was, and is presently moving towards.

    Highly recommended for those interested in history and
    how our world works. Have we been visited by aliens from
    outer space? Are we in contact with beings from another
    world? What are the prospects for the future of the
    human race?

    These questions, and more, should be asked by all, as
    the answers may determine the fate of mankind.


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