• Abolish Medicare...Medicaid...Military retiree care.

    From BOB KLAHN@1:123/140 to ALL on Friday, January 06, 2012 02:12:58

    It's time to considering working to abolish Medicare, Medicaid
    and Military retiree medical care.

    Consider it because the US Supreme Court is considering
    eviscerating National Health care. If National Health Care is
    lost, why consider the others?

    I expect some will think Medicaid is for welfare recipients, but
    they actually receive a clearly minority fraction of Medicaid.
    Elderly receive a large portion. Nursing homes for the elderly
    are paid for by medicaid.

    There are millions who either get private sector health
    insurance because of the National Health Care plan, and many
    more will after it takes full effect. Among those millions are
    many who are young adults who are on their parent's employer's
    insurance plans because of NHC. Two of my children are among
    those young adults.

    The Supreme Court may just invalidate the mandate. This won't
    make a great deal of difference now, and we will have years to
    fix that. It may allow the whole thing to stand, which will end
    that part of the problem, and, again, not make a whole lot of
    difference in the near term.

    However, the court may invalidate the entire bill.

    If that happens all those young adults will lose their
    insurance. If my children lose their medical insurance because
    the court declares the bill unconstitutional, why should I, and
    any other similarly situated parents, pay for your medical care
    through Medicare, Medicaid or Military Retiree care?

    Yes, I will be elegible for Medicare within one year, and I will
    lose out also, but any decent parent puts his children's welfare
    ahead of his own.

    There is no good reason I can see old people, most with no more
    than a few more years to live, and most contributing little or
    nothing to the economy, should get government financed medical
    care while children, the future of this country, are denied such

    I know those with military retiree medical benefits can claim
    they have a contract with the government, but, the righ tells us
    this country is going bankrupt. Under bankruptcy contracts are
    voided. Sorry bout that.

    We might have to continue the payroll taxes for a short time, to
    set up the National Ice Flow Initiative. Under that program the
    government will purchase lands with access to the great lakes,
    where it can break up winter ice into ice flows. They will then
    take the most ill and least contributing elderly and set them
    adrift on the ice flows.

    After all, a bankrupt country that can't provide for it's
    children needs to reduce the number of non-contributing elderly
    who will place a burden on those children.

    If you won't give, what right do you have to ask others to?

    BOB KLAHN bob.klahn@sev.org http://home.toltbbs.com/bobklahn

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