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    From WAYNE CHIRNSIDE@1:123/140 to CYNTHIA J. ADKISSON on Monday, January 23, 2012 22:39:26
    This message was originally addressed to CYNTHIA J. ADKISSON
    and was originally sent by WAYNE CHIRNSIDE

    This message was originally addressed to CYNTHIA J. ADKISSON
    and was originally sent by WAYNE CHIRNSIDE

    Cynthia I've found a way to clean up.

    I have in my possession legal and non narcotic pain meds legally
    and properly prescribed to me and it appears that I'm not quite nearly so
    off as it had seemed to me.

    Life has been difficult these last five years due to the Seroquel.

    I've an internet and fiodnet stalker as well been making this cripples life just that much harder.

    His name is Ross Cassell and he live in Spartanburg S.C. and runs a NNTP
    server BBS system.

    He's one sick phuck too.

    OTOH he and his relentless lies and stalking of us both is the proximate
    neither of us has a state of Florida criminal record anymore.

    Weird huh?

    He calls you an honorable member of the United States Marines a crack

    Anyone can check your record however at: https://pubtitles.co.pinellas.fl.us/login/loginx.jsp?goto=/mainmenux.jsp adkisson, cynthia dob 08-20-1969
    chirnside, wayne dob 04-12-1955

    Casssell's relentless stalking has caused the both of us grief however that
    is over now as the appropriate civil authorities have stepped in and
    expunged our records due to the horrible miscarriages of justice carried
    out against us by the Saint Petersburg Police Department.

    God bless the greatest nation on Earth the United States of America and American exceptionaism

    We're both exonerated baby!

    I love my country and I know you do as well having served in the Marines.

    I never served honey but Semper Fidelis anyhow.

    Marry me will you?

    I'll immediately take out a large term life insurance policy on myself to
    see you are taken care of should anything ever happen to me.

    Love you I do.

    Though unlikely this will ever be seen by your eyes it's part and parcel
    the internet journal Ross Cassell provoked me into writing and gues what
    honey, it is exactly this journal that has exonerated us both!!!

    I'll just bet that burns Cassell's ass.

    He's delinked this BBS as well and Ed Koon has said he's forced to close
    this wonderful BBS that's responsible for our having been exhonorated
    and expunging both of our fraudulent records.

    So this span across the echos is a fitting fairwell to Doc's Place Cynthia.

    I've been looking in on who called today and see some interesting names of individuals who have I am certain come to love and depend upon Doc's Place

    They've even contributed toits care and upkeep through their donations

    What scum this Ross Cassell is to destroy all of that and Ed'ds long
    standing effort in maintaining and keeping this BBS afloat for all of us.

    For this I want him remembered.
    I am certain he shall be.

    Now there is an item for the fidonews robot and the fidogazette, Estar
    sysop Ross Cassell slanders honorable woman U.S. Marine with blemish free
    civil and criminal record!
    As I said, scum.

    American exceptionalism *rules* and I *love* uncle!
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  • From Lee Lofaso@2:203/2 to WAYNE CHIRNSIDE on Saturday, January 28, 2012 05:26:10
    Hello Wayne,


    Cynthia I've found a way to clean up.

    Please take this elsewhere, to a designated flame echo.
    Or drop it entirely. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Lee Lofaso
    Moderator, CONSPRCY echo

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