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    too far wrong, for alien they both are, and warring we are just
    beginning to find out.

    What is it that made such painters as Poussin incorporate her image
    and her sadness into their geometrically precise paintings, even
    though in the end they were also keepers of her secret?

    "Christopher Cornford has pointed out that one of the most impressive confirmations of Poussin's conscious manipulation of the geometrical
    structure of the painting [`Les Bergers d'Arcadie'] lies in the
    significant placing of the centre of the controlling pentagram. It
    lies, with precision, upon the forehead of the shepherdess. He makes
    the comment that 'It suggests that the whole scene is somehow
    emanating from her meditative consciousness, or pivoting round it. It
    is her mood of gentle sadness that dominates the picture.' Now that
    the pentagonal structure has been found in the Rennes-le-Chateau
    landscape, the identifying of the central point is both logical and
    inevitable. It is also very easy to do. The attempt releases a new
    torrent of possibilities." (Lincoln)

    Not possibilities, but like everything the New World Order does, a
    confusion of smoke and mirrors to have people chasing their own tails
    rather than understanding the true meaning behind the symbology and
    their relentless pursuit of power. . .

    To understand more of how Hillary Clinton falls into the bigger
    picture of the New World Order and its origins in the fragmentation of
    this SuperUniverse during its creation, we turn to Aristenna and the
    Council of Light for some further explanation:

    Through S , and Peter:

    Harene and Hillary


    Dear One.

    Lilith, in ancient legend, was Adam's first wife who is said to have
    rebelled against his domination and run away. This really is the
    story of Harene, the original Creator Mother of this SuperUniverse
    running away from Her responsibilities as outlined in Volume 7 of
    Peter's book. As We have said before She was overwhelmed and
    unprepared for this huge undertaking, feeling Herself unprepared and
    unwilling to take on the great responsibilities as She saw them to be.
    Instead She went off to be by herself. It was during this time of
    her great confusion and guilt that Lucifer, the son of Enjliou and
    Callia, searched Her out and enticed Her to join Him in his self-
    willed plans for the creation of what has now become the darkside.

    The darkside needed a Mother energy in order to create Beings that
    would correctly hold a soul essence. The plan was that Lucifer and
    Harene would populate the conquered planets and eventually Earth with
    these dark Beings, and eventually, by sheer numbers, all of Creation
    which would soon fall under Their control.

    As this was the main purpose for recruiting Harene into the darkside
    this became the archetype and reason behind many of her incarnations;
    the uniting of two Beings with the separate bloodlines in order to
    produce offspring with the combined attributes of both. As you
    already know from previous work, there can be upwards of a dozen
    Beings on the planet at any one time carrying the correct templating
    to hold the partial energies of one of these Creator Beings such as
    Harene. Hillary Clinton is one such being templated to carry these
    higher energies. In her incarnation as the Annunaki princess
    representing the Lilith character, she represented the Anunnaki
    reptilian bloodline which carries much of the information that is
    contained in the mystery schools. It is the Jesus bloodline which
    once carried the Luciferian power. With the combining of these two
    bloodlines, superior beings could be produced that are perfectly
    templated for incarnations of the darkside holding all the energies of
    both the male and female rather than just the male essence which has
    been the driving force for darkness up until now. This would also
    stop the fighting for control by the two major groups of the darkside,
    or supporters of the separate bloodlines, which would then help to
    insure victory in the war against Creation.

    In one of her first incarnations in `modern times' Hillary/Lilith was
    the birth goddess for the blending of the race of Anunnaki `gods' with
    the original Earth population. This has affected her in later
    incarnations as she has a strong maternal feeling for the population,
    just as Harene has always retained some of that maternal energy for
    all She helped to create.

    As you know from earlier channelings Harene has now denounced the
    darkside and has returned Home for healing. She has done much to
    change the tide of this war between the Light and Sound of the FATHER
    and the self-willed darkness that originally was Lucifer. There is no
    longer available a dark Creator Mother for the production of hordes of
    dark souls. Also as part of her healing the children of her
    fragmentation, Thoth and the Magdalene, have also healed and once
    again been blended back into her complete energies as well. This
    final act of bringing Harene, Thoth, and the Magdalene back together
    completed the healing of the entire Creator family as the energies of
    Lucifer and Artola have already been reunited as well into the one
    Being they were originally intended to be, now named Rajune.

    The fragment of Harene's energy that was the Lilith character has as
    its present incarnation Hillary Clinton, who once again has blended
    those ancient bloodlines of Jesus and the Anunnaki though the birth of
    Her child, Chelsea. The recent healing of Harene has, however, has
    affected all of those who are incarnated or templated to carry Her
    energy. Those who have been templated to carry Her energy are no
    longer doing this as that energy has been returned to Harene during
    the healing process. There is still, however, for those who are Her incarnations such as Hillary Clinton, much healing energy available to
    them as well as a strong connection or bond with the Creator Family
    and with Creation Itself.

    Hillary is aware of a change in her perspective of the purpose of her
    life. In the early part of her life it was about position, power and
    control. Since the healing of Harene this differing energy has flowed
    down and changed Hillary's perspective. Her life has become more
    about `her people' than about power and control, even if she doesn't
    always successfully know how to manifest this into the outside world.
    She attributes this to the natural maturing process but is much more
    than that. It is the healed Harene energy that is creating this
    change in her. This is why the darkside has switched their backing to
    Obama from Hillary. She is no longer quite as controllable, and you
    and Peter can still do much to assist her as well should her chance at
    the presidency still be viable.

    With Much LOVE,

    Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light


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