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    Just (5 minutes ago) got an email from Kevin Symons down in Australia.
    I had thought he's pitched headlong off his twig some time ago. I've encouraged him to re-join us here.

    I recognize the name but I don't think I've ever spoken to him. I do
    have several of his recipes, probably via Jim or Bill's collections.

    I am somewhat surprised he's still above the turf given his lifestyle

    MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.06

    Title: Tajen Al Lahm
    Categories: Lamb/mutton, Asian, Rice, Nuts
    Yield: 3 Servings

    3 lb Filet lamb meat; in 3" cubes
    2 md Chopped onions
    3 tb Vegetable oil
    1 c Rice
    Salt, pepper & cinnamon
    1/4 c Blanched almonds, toasted
    - or fried in butter until
    - brown
    1/4 c Pine nuts; toasted or fried
    - in butter until brown

    With 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, fry the meat and onions
    until brown. Add salt, pepper and cinnamon to taste. Add
    water to cover. Cover the pan and let cook on medium high
    heat for one hour, or until meat is done.

    You can cut the time in half by putting it in the pressure
    cooker. Drain the meat. Reserve the liquid. Add boiling
    water to make one cup. Let the liquid boil. Add salt to

    Add the rice. Let it boil. Cover the pan and reduce the
    heat to low. Put a very thin layer of tin under the pan
    and keep the rice cooking for 30 minutes, without opening.

    Uncover. Stir all the sides.

    Put the rice in a serving dish. Decorate with lamb meat
    and nuts. Serve with Yoghurt.

    From "One Thousand And One Delights" by Nahda Salah

    From: Kevin Jcjd Symons - Date: 16 Apr 01

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    ... 40% of all Cream of Mushroom soup made is used in green bean casserole
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