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    Should I be worried? <G>

    Depends on how far into his daily 2 litres of rough red wine he is.
    Keving can be informative, entertaining or mawkish -- depending.

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    Title: Pickled Pigs' Trotters
    Categories: Five, Oriental, Pork
    Yield: 1 Recipe

    2 Fresh pigs' trotters; and
    - their shanks
    1 tb Black soya beans
    2 1/2 tb Vinegar
    1 tb Sugar
    2 oz Green ginger

    Clean and chop the trotters into pieces about 2" square.
    Deep-fry the trotters with green ginger in a saucepan
    until they start to brown. Scald and crush the black
    soya beans and add to trotters and stir well for 5
    minutes, then add to trotters and stir well for 5
    minutes, then add 4 cups of water and simmer for 2 1/2
    hours. Then add vinegar with sugar and allow to simmer
    for a further 10 minutes before serving.

    Cucumber treated with vinegar and sugar can be placed in
    the bottom of the bowl in which the trotters are served,
    or chopped pickled onions or scallions.

    NOTE: A dish from the Chinese hinterland, reputed to be
    strengthening both for pre-natal and post-natal cases.

    pub. Sydney, Australia, 1951.

    From: Kevin JCJD Symons Date: 17 Dec 97

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