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    From Finnigann to Plunder Point on Sunday, December 17, 2000 06:55:00
    RE: George Bush er Clinton
    >BY: Finnigann to Amcleod on Sat Dec 16 2000 01:50 pm

    Republicans went after Clinton instead of governing? What do you call the '94
    >Contract with America, the welfare reform, et al.?

    CWA I call it PR

    Welfare reform? The states did what was done.

    And Nixon lost his job over a petty crime that he didn't need to win
    >re-election. Yes, he was a crook and is (rightfully) reviled for his crimes in
    >office, but it's kind of disingenous to lambast Nixon and yet call Clinton's
    >crimes "not rising to the level of impeachment."

    Nixon manipulated the election (need or not). Do _you_ think it compares
    to not being forthcoming about a sexual relation with an intern?

    Who knows, maybe Nixon could have held onto his job if he tried. During the
    >height of Clinton's scandals, it looked like he might go. It seems to me that
    >Clinton will greatly benefit from the fact that winners write the history,

    Not having his party behind him, prolly had something to do with his
    decision to resign rather than be prosecuted for his crimes with Ford
    pardoning him to finish off the deal.

    There was no way out for Nixon. Clinton on the other hand had his party
    with him in this case. While maybe not to you, but most of the country
    saw it (the impeachment) for what it was. He did after maintain a 60%
    approval rating thru out.

    If Nixon didn't stain the office of the Presidency, then no can.

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